About Us

TSKF Group

TSKF Group, as an international company, has a long-standing reputation as a reliable business partner in logistics, equipment procurement/delivery, project finance support, facility construction, etc.

Corporate clients benefit from a quality assurance service.

Our team of experts serves clients from every sector and offers solutions based on needs and priorities. For our company, each client is a valued partner with whom we build a relationship based on trust and mutual cooperation.

TFKS Group uses the tools that allow us to be the most responsive to the needs and expectations of our customers and other involved parties, achieve our business goals and grow our business. TFKS Group meets the highest customer expectations by complying with international quality, health, safety and environmental standards.

The company has grown steadily. In recent years, the company has excelled not only in business but also in the concepts of sustainability and social responsibility. The company systematically implements these principles in its internal and external relations and builds fair and mutually beneficial relationships with customers, partners, suppliers, owners and employees as well as the general public. Every employee of the company is committed to corporate values that make the company an ideal partner for those who work for the development and prosperity of society and the environment.

TSKF Holdings

01. Mission

Quality and safety to enhance your business

The perfect partner in all areas of the company for people working for the development and prosperity of society and the environment

02. Vision

We offer only customer-oriented solutions

Proactivity – the key to successful business development
Developmental stability
Еmployees are the main asset of our business
Reputation – positive consumer emotions
alliance – cohesion of all divisions of the holding company


Our Service in %

Equipment supply and procurement
Financing of Projects
Key Construction Solutions