Financing of Projects

TSKF Group, an international company, offers investment lending for business and large-scale TSKF Group offers investment loans for businesses and large-scale projects in Europe and worldwide in the fields : energy, infrastructure, industry and other economic sectors.

External sources of financing for major projects include:

  • Investment loans from banks and other domestic or international financial institutions.
  • Financial resources raised through the issuance and placement of bonds and other debt obligations of the company.
  • Investment resources raised through leasing.
  • Commercial loans provided by suppliers of machinery, equipment and other goods to contractors.
  • Investment tax credit and other sources.

Export financing:

  • export project financing
  • Inter-bank financing (credit with foreign financial institutions).
  • Letter of credit and other documentary operations.
  • Pre-export financing of investment projects.
  • Financing investment projects abroad.



  • to conclude various types of deals, including large and long-term ones.
  • of operating in high-risk markets.

Full project cycle support.

Favourable financing terms.

Promotion of exporters′ interests